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How long does a battery last in a Ford Escape hybrid?

Blue Ford Escape speeding down the road, with greenery blurred in the background.

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How long does a battery last in a Ford Escape hybrid?

August 26, 2013

Q: I'm interested in buying a 2006 Ford Escape hybrid. It has 120K miles. What should I check more closely, since it's a hybrid? How often does the battery need to be replaced, and how much could it cost to replace the battery?

A: First, you should have someone hook up a scan tool and check the system out. It would be best to have a Ford dealer do it. The battery does last over 200K miles, so it should be good for a while.

However if it does go out, it will cost around $8,000 new from the dealer. But you can get used ones for under $1,000. I have found the Escape to be a very good vehicle; I think it would be a good purchase for you.

-- Answer from Thomas S., a mechanic on JustAnswer.

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