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How to fix a frozen screen on a Kindle Fire

Young girl playing game on Kindle Fire that is propped upright.

Playing Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire. (Photo: Flickr/Tim Wilson)

How to fix a frozen screen on a Kindle Fire

December 17, 2012

Q: My Kindle Fire froze up and won't do anything. I cannot turn the screen off or get pictures on screen to move. The green light will stay on for about 3 seconds. Can you please tell me how to fix it?

A: This happens mostly due to some problem in the firmware. First reset your Kindle by pressing and holding the power switch (at the bottom) for 20 seconds. Release the power switch. This will reboot the Kindle.

If it still doesn't work, plug the charger in for 10 minutes. While it's still plugged in, try the reboot process again. This should help.

-- Answer from Pramit P., an electronics Expert on JustAnswer.

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