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How do I get my boss to meet with me?

How do I get my boss to meet with me?

November 08, 2013

Q: I’ve sent my manager two emails now trying to arrange a meeting to review my new title, responsibilities, performance and compensation. I brought it up a few months ago and she agreed, but the meeting never happened. I sent another email last week, but still haven’t heard anything from her. What else can I do? 

A: It may be that your manager is avoiding you, but it’s possible that she’s been really busy, and even that she hasn’t seen your emails. Keeping these things in mind, here are a few tips on what you could do next:

Make sure your emails have been read. Most email management systems like Outlook and Entourage can be set up for read receipt requests. Set yours so you can make sure that your emails are being read. 

Mix up email with in-person contact. Too many emails requesting a meeting could become a nuisance. Try to catch her in the hallway, or find a quiet moment and ask if she’s had a chance to read your requests.

Ask to set up ongoing weekly or bi-weekly meetings. Fixed regular meetings can be more effective than ones regarding specific agenda items because they establish a rhythm and keep communication open between both parties. 

Balance patience with persistence. I know this is easier said than done, but try to remain patience, while also remaining persistent and strategic about talking with her. In general, slow and steady wins the race!

- Answer from Ryan, a licensed Research Expert on JustAnswer