Why Do Men Gain Weight in the Belly?

by Tom Musbach on March 16, 2012

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Q: Why do men put on weight around their bellies? Is diet — particularly sugar — a factor?

cartoon fat man, juggling hot dog, pizza, burger, donut, Coke, etc.

Better to let them drop.

A: This is known as central obesity, also called “apple-shaped” obesity, as opposed to “pear-shaped,” in which fat is deposited on the hips and the buttocks.

Males are prone to apple-shaped obesity because of the presence of fat cells in the pre peritoneal area in the abdomen as well as more visceral fat (internal organ fat). Whereas in females there is a more generalized distribution of fat cells all over their bodies, especially the subcutaneous fat under the skin (where males have less).

Sugar is always a contributor to central obesity. But to be more elaborate it is the mismatch of diet and exertion that causes obesity, rather than sugar alone.

– Answer from Dr. Uzair, surgeon and expert on JustAnswer.

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