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Cruisin’, Schmoozin’ and … Star Wars Reenactments? A Company Outing – JustAnswer Style!

Cruisin’, Schmoozin’ and … Star Wars Reenactments? A Company Outing – JustAnswer Style!


By Jessica on September 12, 2014

What do you get when you unleash 70+ employees on an island smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco Bay? An amazing company outing not even Gilligan and the crew of the S.S. Minnow could have forecasted.  

On a random Tuesday, just as the weekend glow was waning, the JustAnswer team put a halt to the mid-week blues and boarded the SF Spirit Yacht for what they thought would be a leisurely day of sailing around the Bay. 

Team celebration

Early toasts and a 5-star luncheon were abruptly interrupted by the captain of the ship ordering all to gather around for he had an important announcement.  “I will be docking this ship at beautiful Angel Island where you will be pitted against each other in what will be a truly, Amazing Race!”  Confusion as to why the afternoon wouldn’t be filled with lounge chairs and daiquiris was soon overcome by a palpable competitive atmosphere as teams were divvied up and given color-coordinated bandanas. 

 Panoramic boat view

As teams disembarked the SF Spirit, they were handed a backpack filled with various challenges and clues, digital video cameras for recording completed challenges, and a GPS device to guide them on their 90-minute quest to complete as many challenges as possible.  Competitors found themselves at the mercy of a swashbuckling pirate that had a flair for the silver screen, Elvira Presley (Elvis’ lesser known but equally as talented sister) who wanted to see a team’s best flash dance impression, and the previously unchartered territory of Angel Island.  Undaunted by the elements, teams located historical landmarks using only coordinates on a GPS, performed the most eloquent of leap frogs, and of course, reenacted their favorite Star Wars scene.

 Star Wars Reinactment


And while sabotaging the competition was encouraged, the Pink team employed a never before seen strategy – self-sabotage…

 Pink team rescues their binder

Unfortunately, the Pink team’s strategy didn’t quite pay off.  When the 90-minute clock had expired and the points were tallied, the Tan team stood victoriously above the rest.  And as they always say, to the victor goes the spoils.  Congrats Tan team!

 Winning Team Tan!

As the teams returned to the SF Spirit and the competition had drawn to a close, it was apparent that the afternoon’s activities had not divided the teams, but brought us all closer together.  The SF Spirit had returned to order with (multiple) toasts, smiles and laughs as the ship returned to port.  As is the case with all great events, thank yous are in order!  Thanks to Pema Lin and Rebecca Miller for thinking up and organizing such an incredible afternoon.  Thanks to Andy Kurtzig, our CEO, for seeing the value of taking off a Tuesday to enjoy what beautiful San Francisco has to offer.  And last, but not least, thanks to the entire JustAnswer family for being awesome!

 Collection of photos from the day