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The classic symptom of gallbladder trouble

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The classic symptom of gallbladder trouble

September 20, 2013

Q: My wife is having symptoms that lead us to believe she's having gallbladder trouble. She's been dieting for 6-8 months, most recently on Weight Watchers.  This is the second time in two weeks for pain in the bread basket area and in the shoulder blade area. She's on the floor in the fetal position. What should we do?

A: Pain in the abdomen that radiates to the shoulder is classic gall bladder pain. She likely has a gallstone.

This needs to be checked immediately, as gallstones can cause an infection and severe complications. She should be evaluated at the ER immediately; she might need to have her gallbladder taken out.

See this Mayo Clinic article for more information.

-- Answer from Dr. Phil MD, an internal medicine physician on JustAnswer.

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