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Jack-o-lantern carving of a grinning goblin.

Impressive pumpkin art can still cause nightmares. (Photo: Flickr/John Sagredo)

How to help a child with recurring nightmares

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are hallmarks of Halloween, but they can stir up nightmares and other anxieties for kids that last longer than the holiday.

Below is a related question on how to help a child with recurring nightmares, followed by useful tips from Dr. Jody Navitsky, a...

Girl's cupped hands holding a bunch of jelly beans.

How to get kids to eat less Halloween candy

By Tom Musbach on October 02, 2012

For most children, collecting candy by the bagful is one of the biggest treats about Halloween. For parents, the biggest trick is getting kids to eat as little of that candy as possible.

“Candy has never been good for kids," said Dr. Jody Navitsky, a physician on JustAnswer. "But now in...

Wrapped wedding gifts of various sizes.

Gifts that come with a condition? (Photo: Flickr/Stephen Butler)

Marriage lasts weeks; should wedding gifts go back?

By Tom Musbach on September 04, 2012

Though your list of friends may not include Kim Kardashian or Dennis Rodman, you may know somebody whose marriage lasted for only a month or two. Would you expect your wedding gifts back?

This etiquette question is perfect for September, which happens to be National Courtesy Month. But...

Three young girls talking behind another's back. (Photo: Flickr/nist6ss)

Kids need to report bullying when it happens. (Photo: Flickr/nist6ss)

How to help your kids overcome bullying

By Tom Musbach on August 14, 2012

As your children return to school, some of them may face incidents of bullying. Are they prepared? Are you?

In this article, two counseling Experts on JustAnswer -- Kate McCoy and Jennifer K. -- offer great ideas on how you can help your children to understand and combat bullying in their...

Hand with gauze bandage wrapped around the palm. (Photo: Flickr/Peter Robinett)

It can start with a cut. (Photo: Flickr/Peter Robinett)

What is sepsis, and why is it so dangerous?

By Tom Musbach on August 01, 2012

Questions about sepsis have risen after the mysterious death of a 12-year-old boy in New York.  Rory Staunton's death in April 2012 resulted from sepsis that was not identified by doctors when he presented signs of illness after a basketball injury.

The causes of sepsis...

A common pattern (Photo: Flickr/Glen Bowman)

Should you worry about Propecia side effects?

By Tom Musbach on July 13, 2012

A small new study has linked the popular male pattern baldness drug Propecia (finasteride) with long-term erectile dysfunction, causing alarm among many men who use the drug.

The study made national news with distressing accounts of sexual problems and other disorders, even among men who...

Patriotic and stress-free. (Photo: Flickr/Mark Herpel)

4 ways to calm your dog's anxiety over fireworks

By Tom Musbach on July 02, 2012

Your dog probably isn't excited to celebrate the Fourth of July or New Year's Eve.

The loud noises of fireworks that explode at random intervals -- sometimes over multiple days -- can cause anxiety for many dogs. To calm your dog during this holiday, many veterinary Experts on JustAnswer...

How safe is your salad?

What you should know about listeria infection

The Dole recall of bagged lettuce over possible listeria contamination raises new concerns about infection.

Although the company said that no illnesses have yet been reported...

Waiting for a good home. (Photo: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue)

What you should know before adopting a cat

By Tom Musbach on June 18, 2012

Adopting a cat is a great way to reap the rewards of pet ownership and provide a caring home for a cat in need. But it's not right for some people.

If you are considering adopting a cat into your household, two veterinarians on JustAnswer offer the following bits of advice to make an...

The lines tell it all.

(Photo Credit: Flickr/Kelly Sue)

Essential steps for treating sunburn pain

June 01, 2012

Sunburn is an unavoidable fact for most of us during the summer. Try as you might to avoid it, sometimes you miss a spot with your sunscreen or forget to apply it for a short stint outdoors.

The dangers of exposure to sunlight go far beyond the pain of...