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woman on sidewalk texting with her cellphone.

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Why does my boyfriend ignore my texts?

Q: What should I do? My boyfriend is in France and never answers calls when he's abroad. I texted him this morning because I had introduced him to a friend of mine who wanted his cell number for work. He replied that he would contact him when he's back. What should I do -- just wait for...

wedding guests and family gathered around a bride on a red carpet.

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Can I wear white to a bride's second wedding?

Q: Can I wear white to a wedding? It's a second marriage for both parties, on a Friday evening with the ceremony and reception at a golf club. I am thinking a white pant suit with green silk cami and coordinating accessories.

A: No! In this day and age, when brides are...

Young woman and man at work, sitting close and looking at the same screen.

It looks innocent enough, but you never know.

How to handle a spouse's flirty coworker relationship

Q: My wife has a male friend at work who is touchy-feely with her (he is single), and it makes me uncomfortable. I told her this, and she said I was "jealous and insecure" and continued to put me down. Am I being out of line? I don't have single female friends, nor do I keep anything...

Bride and groom at the altar; she has white veil over her face.

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Why every bride should hire a wedding planner

As a Expert wedding planner, I'm very used to couples asking why they should bother hiring somebody like me to help with their marital ceremonies and celebrations.

Here are some of the reasons I offer in response:

You save time and leg work


Older couple in affectionate pose; man with beard is looking ahead.

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Dating a widower: How not to be a 'substitute wife'

Q: I am currently dating a man who lost his wife through breast cancer 5 years ago. He has photos of her in every room, and I got quite uncomfortable when he took me to his house. I'm not the jealous type, but he keeps telling me how much loved Eileen. He said he is in love with me, and...

Two gifts, stuffed animal, sangria, and 2 dozen chocolate-dipped strawberries

Going big (too much?) for Valentine's Day. (Photo: Flickr/Michael Cote)

How to select an appropriate Valentine's Day gift

Q: I'm coming up on the first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, and I want to get him something that will show him how much I love him. But we're trying to take it slow, so what should I get him that will convey my love but won't look like I'm pushing it?

A: Whenever...

Woman and man smiling as they participate in a cooking class.

A cooking class could be the change-up you need. (Photo: Flickr/Wedstock 2011)

Ways to improve your dating prospects

September 17, 2012

Q: I'm a 25-year-old woman, and I've been single for almost 4 years now. I've been on plenty of dates and have no problem meeting men. Friends tell me I should date guys who are interested in me even though I'm not physically attracted to them, saying the attraction will come with time....

Colored beads on black background spell 'I'm lonely'

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Dealing with grief after a breakup

After a long-term relationship ends, it’s very common to suffer a long period of grief, as if a loved one had died.

So that I can give you some hope about grief, let me briefly list the seven stages so you know what you can expect, and so that you better understand what you must go...

Nothing but tension here. (Photo: Flickr/epSos.de)

How to avoid conflict in your relationship

This is a guest post from Rossi Davis, Psy.D, LPC, a therapist and counselor on JustAnswer.

Do you have difficulty in expressing yourself to your partner? Would you like to minimize your conflicts at home? The information in this article can help.

Arguments, fighting, and...