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4 hamster babies, 2 golden and 2 calico, on fluffy white shavings.

(Photo: Flickr/L. Bird)

Why is my hamster attacking her young?

November 29, 2012

Q: My daughter's hamster ("Sweetie") had babies two months ago. When they were 4 weeks old, we removed the males and put them in a cage of their own. The mother is in the cage with her daughters, and she has begun to attack them. Is there a reason? They were fine together until a few...

Calico cat rubbing against legs of a jeans-wearing person.

Maybe the cat likes denim? (Photo: Flickr/Dotan Dimet)

Why does my cat keep rubbing against my legs?

November 27, 2012

Q: Why does my cat keep rubbing up against my legs as I walk? She also keeps rubbing up against me when sitting next to me. She's an older cat and new to me -- I've only had her for a week.

A: Your cat is rubbing up against your legs as a sign of affection and is also "...

Brown Dachshund sitting on a carpeted staircase.

(Photo: Flickr/Howard Young)

I think my dog has kennel cough. What can I do?

November 15, 2012

Q: I believe my dog (Dachshund) has kennel cough, and it doesn't seem very serious. Do I need to take him to the vet right away, or should I wait to see if it goes away?

A: I'm assuming that your Dachshund was at a kennel or around other dogs, which is why you think he...

Brown puppy lying on corner of pillow, with black cat perched in center.

This pup is lucky to get a corner of the bed. (Photo: Flickr/Petteri Sulonen)

How can I get my cat to adjust to my new puppy?

November 13, 2012

Q: My 6-year-old cat ("Bangles") is not adjusting to our puppy. It's been 6 weeks, and the cat hides under the bed is now peeing on things. I've tried to slowly introduce them, but she scratches and hisses -- even when the puppy is asleep. I bought her a calming diffuser and that's been...

Black rabbit sitting in front of leafy shrub.

Bunny with a full black coat. (Photo: Flickr/Jean)

How serious are bald spots on my rabbit's back?

November 08, 2012

Q: I noticed yesterday that my rabbit (Tilly) has several bald spots on her back. She is about 2, otherwise in good health, and the skin is not broken and looks healthy. She is a black furred rabbit, and some of the exposed skin seems to have black pigment. The two main bald spots are 1-...

Young Yellow Labrador lying on its stomach, eyes slightly closed.

Yellow Lab not feeling 100%. (Photo: Flickr/Kevin Rodriguez Ortiz)

What could my dog's recurring skin infection be?

November 06, 2012

Q: My 11-month-old Lab is on her fourth skin infection. She gets them on her abdomen and takes antibiotics each time. (I can't remember the name.) She takes a twice a day pill, and she averages 1 week to 1 month between infections. Should I take her to a dermatologist to get to the...

Calico cat facing forward, with mouth open.

This calico cat is chatty. (Photo: Flickr/Patti Haskins)

Why is my cat losing weight and lots of hair?

Q: My 2-year-old Calico cat ("Mercury") seems to be shedding excessively and has lost a bit of weight. He is still eating about the same as usual. Until 3 months ago he was the biggest cat between him and his two siblings. Originally I thought his hair loss was due to some hot days we...

Closeup of a brown dog's face lying comfortably on a couch.

Ready to ride out the storm. (Photo: Flickr/Jodie Wilson)

4 stress relievers to curb your dog's fear of storms

By Tom Musbach on October 30, 2012

Large storms like Hurricane Sandy can stress out dogs, adding even more anxiety for your household.

But you can calm your dog through a few low-dose sedatives and other products, as two veterinarians on JustAnswer recommend below.

Valium. "Valium is a very good...

Closeup of a tan-and-white cat's face, with visible whiskers.

Burned whiskers will grow back. (Photo: Flickr/JuhlDK13)

My cat's fur caught fire briefly. What should I do?

October 25, 2012

Q: My cat (1 year old) just got singed by a candle she jumped on. Her left whiskers are partway gone and curled at the ends, and she smells like burnt fur. When the incident happened I saw her fur catch fire for a second. She seems OK now, but what should I do? Will her whiskers grow...

Several colorful tropical fish swimming in a tank with plants.

A thirst-free environment? (Photo: Flickr/Mike Fisher)

Do fish ever get thirsty?

October 23, 2012

Q: Do fish ever get thirsty? Why or why not?

A: This is an interesting question; I have never thought about it before and looked a few things up.

It is doubtful that fish would ever feel thirsty as such and decide to "drink more." The concentration of fluid in...