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White and brown cat hanging on to a woman's hand close to its nose.

"Do I smell roast beef on your hand?" (Photo: Flickr/Remy Sharp)

The case of the kitty who eats only roast beef

Q: We just brought home a rescue kitty (15 months old) who refuses to eat any type of dry or wet cat food. He will drink some water, but will drink a lot of milk. The only thing he will eat is cooked roast beef, which we have in the refrigerator. He eats that with gusto! Can you help me...

Light blue budgie (type of parakeet) perched on two black piano keys.

This budgie likes minor chords. (Photo: Flickr/amyramoon)

My budgie is struggling to lay an egg. Can I help her?

February 05, 2013

Q: My budgie appears to be having great difficulty in trying to lay an egg, but has never had a mate. What should I do?

A: Female birds lay eggs without mating. The eggs are, of course, infertile but still can cause a lot of trouble. This is an emergency. A bird...

Groundhog taking a step on a green lawn near the side of a house.

Doesn't play well with dogs. (Photo: Flickr/Cathy Gayle)

How to treat a dog wound inflicted by a groundhog

Q: My Jack Russell terrier got in a tussle with a groundhog and has a 3/4" cut on his upper mouth. (About 2 inches from his nose on the upper lip.) We got the wound cleaned out at the vet hospital and he now has antibiotics and a rabies shot. There has been very little bleeding. At the...

Tonkinese cat sitting between a window and a curtain.

"Excuse me!" (Photo: Flickr/Preconscious Eye)

What to do if your cat frequently burps

January 29, 2013

Q: My 4-year-old Tonkinese cat is burping with increased frequency, quite loudly and after every feeding. I feed him Taste of the Wild kibble (one can a day in two feedings), which he loves, and add water to soften his food. Should I be worried?

A: Burping is not a common...

Alert Yorkie dog in front of a toy "emergency" police vehicle.

The lump may not be an emergency, but it should be tested.(Photo: Flickr/Paul J Everett)

Could the lump on my dog's back be a tumor?

January 22, 2013

Q: My 5-year-old Yorkie has a hard bump on his back. When I took him to the vet last month, she said that I shouldn't worry about it. Now it feels like it's getting bigger. He isn't acting any differently than normal. The bump is under the skin, but hair is growing on it and it just...

Closeup of black cat with tongue reaching up to its nose.

Kitty caught licking (Photo: Flickr/Chun Kit To)

My cat licks my gold jewelry. Is it a sign of pica?

Q: Why does my cat like to lick gold jewelry that we wear? Is this pica?

A: While I cannot diagnose your cat's problem here I can make the following general comments based on my experience of such cases over the years:

1. I would very much doubt if this is a sign...

Young pot-bellied pig (black-and-white) standing on hay

(Photo: Flickr/ellenm1)

Can I give ibuprofen or aspirin to a pig in pain?

Q: Can I give a pot-bellied pig ibuprofen, or is a buffered aspirin better?

A: I am sorry to tell you that human NSAID medications like ibuprofen, Tylenol and even aspirin can be toxic to your young pig.  The ibuprofen can cause liver and kidney issues as well as cause...

Black-and-white border collie mix named Oreo.

No cookie danger here, just a dog named Oreo. (Photo: Flickr/Dana Franks)

How harmful is an Oreo for my dog to eat?

Q: My dog (a 65-lb. Border Collie mix) just ate an Oreo cookie that dropped on the floor about 5 minutes ago. Should I try to induce vomiting?

A: Since your dog ate only one cookie, the good news is that Oreo cookies have very little chocolate in them.  At 65 pounds, she...

Small, furry lionhed rabbit sitting amid green, orange, and yellow leaves.

This lionhead rabbit has a fine outdoor roost. (Photo: Flickr/Fantasya72)

How to keep an outdoor pet rabbit warm in winter

January 03, 2013

Q: It's getting really cold in Western Colorado, and I'm worried about my lionhead bunny. She has never had a winter outside, but she has plenty of fur, shavings, fluffy bedding, and a blanket over the hutch. Is this enough to keep her safe? Should I relocate her until it warms back up...

Closeup on face of a grayish kitten with blue eyes.

No worms here. (Photo: Flickr/Nicolas Suzor)

Top symptoms you'll find in a kitten with worms

Q: My kittens are 5 weeks old. A few of them have loose stools, and one just vomited foam. What can I do for them? (They are eating kitten chow and have not been dewormed.)

A: The most common cause for diarrhea and vomiting in young kittens is worms. Kittens are born with...