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Closeup of black-and-white dwarf lop-eared rabbit.

(Photo: Flickr/David Masters)

Gene pattern can doom some dwarf rabbit babies

Q: My rabbit (dwarf lop-eared breed) gave birth to 4 babies about a month ago. Two were slightly smaller, but one soon caught up to the others. The remaining small one was really energetic before, but now it's not responsive and has a faint clicking noise when it breathes. How can I help...

One adult and two baby canaries perched on a bowl that doubles as a nest.

(Photo: Flickr/godhead22)

Why has my baby canary's leg changed color?

Q: My baby canary had a broken leg that has now healed. But he won't stop pecking his toe, to the point where it bled. It has now stopped bleeding, but his leg is completely changing color to a dark shade of pink, and he won't put weight on it. He is a little over 1 month old. What do we...

Two adorable kittens standing side by side, looking into the camera.

How could you choose just one?

What to look for when adopting a second cat

Q: I have a 1-year-old female cat, just spayed 3 weeks ago. I'm thinking of adopting another cat. How long should I wait before adopting, and which gender would be better?

A: If she is currently your only cat, then I definitely encourage your consideration of adopting...

Two Labs -- one chocolate and one golden -- outside on a cold, sunny day.

(Photo: Flickr/Tyler Allen)

What to do if your dog ate a ham bone

Q: My dog (a 3-year-old Lab) ate a ham bone about 6 hours ago. The bone was about 5" long and she ate roughly a third of it. She's had a normal bowel movement since. Should I feed her anything in particularly to help this pass through her digestive system without harm?


Beige-colored Chihuahua standing on wooden floor, looking up at the camera.

(Photo: Bree Bailey)

Why is my Chihuahua licking the dining room floor?

Q: My Chihuahua, Tinker, is suddenly licking the dining room floor. His tail is turned downward, which is never the case, and he recently vomited. Should I be concerned?

A: Tinker's behavior is consistent with gastrointestinal distress. Licking inanimate objects as well...

White-and-brown cat licking its paw while reclining on a couch in warm light.

(Photo: Flickr/Liz West)

Why is my cat licking and shaking her paw often?

Q: My indoor cat (1 year old) is chewing on her right paw a lot. I've been watching her and it is between the first and second toe. There is no sign of any foreign matter or blood; no smell and everything looks okay but a little pink. She seems fine -- playing and no limping, eating as...

Golden Lab resting on pillows near a TV remote.

Time for some rest, and maybe TV. (Photo: Flickr/Franca Piccione)

Clues that help reveal severity of a dog's limp

Q: My 3-year-old Lab is limping. I am trying to determine if it is a bone break, muscular or other. Can you please assist?

A: If he has a fracture, he will not bear any weight on the leg. He will hold it up in the air as he walks. With severe fractures, or nerve injury,...

Front view of German Shepherd running on a sandy beach.

(Photo: Flickr/Harold Meerveld)

Why does my German Shepherd run in circles?

Q: For the last few weeks my 6-year-old German Shepherd has run in circles as if trying to catch his tail. He does it almost to exhaustion. What could this be?

A: There are a couple of things that I can think of. The first would be to check his anus for anal gland...

Face of Siamese cat, looking alert with eyes wide open.

(Photo: Flickr/Appie Verschoor)

What are these new white spots on my cat's gums?

Q: My Siamese cat, Gabby, is 16 years old and has developed white spots in her mouth. They occur on the lower gums, about half-inch in size. The spots are flat, and she's eating and drinking normally.

A: I am sorry to hear that Gabby is getting white spots on her gums....

Poodle trotting outdoors on a sunny, windy day.

Acting like a diva? (Photo: Flickr/Krysta)

The best diet for a picky, pregnant poodle

Q: My toy poodle, Diva, is about 39 days pregnant. The X-ray shows three puppies. But she is not eating much puppy food (which the vet said I should put her on). What can I do to make sure she is well fed?

A: Most vets don't X-ray until about 45 days. So, just in case, it...