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Closeup of a red-eared slider turtle raising its head, basking in warm sunlight.

(Photo: Flickr/Brent Myers)

Signs your slider turtle may have pneumonia

Q: How long does it take for a 3-month-old red-eared slider turtle to show signs of pneumonia? How long would it take to show the little signs and how long would it take to show a serious infection?

A: When we see the bubbles from the mouth and nose and the yawning, that...

Black-and-white cat curled up in a fetal position, with three paws visible.

(Photo: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski)

Why won't my cat's claws extend for trimming?

July 17, 2013

Q: I went to trim my cat's nails, but one claw seems stuck in the paw (i.e., could not be extended). What would cause this?

A: Honestly, this happens to me sometimes, and the claws just won't pop out. I have to keep trying and manipulate the nail a little differently to...

White and light brown Chihuahua sitting on a light gray couch.

Someone likes cherry tomatoes... (Photo: Flickr/TheDeliciousLife)

Are grilled tomatoes harmful for my dog to eat?

Q: My 12-year-old Chihuahua just age four grilled cherry tomatoes. Should I take her to the vet?

A: No, cherry tomatoes -- or tomatoes in general -- are not toxic to dogs.

Ripe tomatoes are not toxic. The vines and green foliage do contain the alkaloid solanine,...

Brown thoroughbred filly being led out by a girl.

(Photo: Flickr/Carine06)

What is the best treatment for equine warts?

Q: What is the best treatment for equine warts? My 2-year-old thoroughbred first showed signs of warts at the end of last year, and I was told to leave them alone and they would disappear in 3-6 months. However, they are multiplying. Is there anything I could treat them with to speed up...

Very young, gray kitten held in a human hand.

(Photo: Flickr/Jennifer Pountney)

What can I do to care for a newly orphaned kitten?

Q: I have a kitten I just found outside that the mother left. I do not have mother's milk, but I do have bottles. The kitten still has the sack with a cord. What should I do?

A: We see this a lot in the spring and summer. Usually we'll recommend leaving the kitten where...

Closeup of bulldog's face (brown and white) in what looks like a scowl.

This isn't his happy face. (Photo: Flickr/sabianmaggy)

What to do if your dog swallows too much salt water

Q: My bulldog spent a lot of time at the beach yesterday and swallowed some sea water. Today he had some diarrhea and is a bit tired (although he usually sleeps a lot after he goes swimming in the ocean). He ate dinner and breakfast just fine and has been drinking a normal amount of...

Closeup of black-and-white dwarf lop-eared rabbit.

(Photo: Flickr/David Masters)

Gene pattern can doom some dwarf rabbit babies

Q: My rabbit (dwarf lop-eared breed) gave birth to 4 babies about a month ago. Two were slightly smaller, but one soon caught up to the others. The remaining small one was really energetic before, but now it's not responsive and has a faint clicking noise when it breathes. How can I help...

One adult and two baby canaries perched on a bowl that doubles as a nest.

(Photo: Flickr/godhead22)

Why has my baby canary's leg changed color?

Q: My baby canary had a broken leg that has now healed. But he won't stop pecking his toe, to the point where it bled. It has now stopped bleeding, but his leg is completely changing color to a dark shade of pink, and he won't put weight on it. He is a little over 1 month old. What do we...

Two adorable kittens standing side by side, looking into the camera.

How could you choose just one?

What to look for when adopting a second cat

Q: I have a 1-year-old female cat, just spayed 3 weeks ago. I'm thinking of adopting another cat. How long should I wait before adopting, and which gender would be better?

A: If she is currently your only cat, then I definitely encourage your consideration of adopting...

Two Labs -- one chocolate and one golden -- outside on a cold, sunny day.

(Photo: Flickr/Tyler Allen)

What to do if your dog ate a ham bone

Q: My dog (a 3-year-old Lab) ate a ham bone about 6 hours ago. The bone was about 5" long and she ate roughly a third of it. She's had a normal bowel movement since. Should I feed her anything in particularly to help this pass through her digestive system without harm?