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Who wouldn't want to make this little guy feel better?

Who wouldn't want to make this little guy feel better?

What can I give my dog for pain?

Before you mix dogs and ibuprofen, you should ask, What can I give my dog for pain?

Anyone who has watched dogs playing with each other knows that they have a higher tolerance for pain than we do, but make no mistake - they can still get hurt.  When we’re in pain, we know...

Some of the dogs that don’t shed have their own ways of doing things

Small dogs might have a reputation for being divas, but they typically shed less.

13 distinctive breeds of dog that don’t shed

By Dhanesh Misir on February 20, 2018

If you’re hoping to get all the companionship of a new pup without all the pet dander, it’s important to first do some research on dogs that don’t shed

Who doesn’t like dogs? They’re loyal, sensitive, helpful animals, and many of the...

The athletic Sphynx is one of many cats that don't shed.

The athletic Sphynx has plenty of personality, but needs to be monitored for body temperature because it has so little fur.

Cats that don’t shed

There are plenty of cats that don’t shed for feline fans to choose from

You love cats, but you’re allergic. Or you might just be a cleanliness fanatic. Either way, you’d rather not spend hours vacuuming endless clumps of fur out from...

Boston Terriers make excellent apartment dogs

Boston Terriers make excellent apartment dogs

A guide to apartment dogs

By Tristan Hoag on January 16, 2018

Everything you need to know to make an apartment dog's life comfortable

When you live in an apartment, dogs are a complicating factor. Whether you're trying to find the right dog for your apartment, or are looking for the perfect...

Dr. Loretta

Dr. Loretta: One Veterinarian's Impact On A Small Island Of Honduras

By anh on July 20, 2016

Like many Central American countries, Honduras has a glaring overpopulation of stray dogs and cats that poses both health and safety concerns. On Utila, a small northern island of Honduras, the overpopulation drove locals to take the drastic action of adding poison to garbage cans.

Meet ...


Photo Credit: Flickr/Michael Gil

True or False: Dogs Can Survive Without Food for Two Weeks

By Carolyn Hauck on October 08, 2015

Less a quiz question and more a pet guardian concern, is it true that dogs can go about two weeks without eating?

Abstaining from food is certainly one of the first signs for a pet guardian that something is wrong with your dog. Going without food can be a dog’s...


Photo Credit: Flickr/David Nestor

Foxtail Dangers and Your Dog

By Carolyn Hauck on September 17, 2015

Found around the world, but predominantly in the Western United States, foxtails are grasses that have sharp bristles called seed awns. Foxtails grow in open fields like vacant lots, along roadsides and hiking trails. You’ve probably seen them, but didn’t know the danger they present...