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Jury summons notification

Can a court extend my jury duty at the last minute?

Q: I was on call for jury duty in Long Beach, CA, and after 4 days was asked to report on the 5th day. I showed up early that morning, and at 2:30 p.m. was one of 15 jurors randomly summoned to the window. We were told to report back on a day more than two weeks later. How can they hold...

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Can I get plastic surgery on Health Savings Account?

Q: Can I pay for elective plastic surgery with the funds from a Health Savings Account?

A: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you cannot pay for elective plastic surgery using a Health Savings Account (HSA).

You can pay for cosmetic surgery if is prescribed...

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Tips for getting a same-sex marriage out of state

Q: My partner and I intend to marry while in Maine next month (we both live in California), in either Brunswick or Freeport. I've read the requirements for paperwork and fees. If we come to the appropriate location to register and take out the license, may we expect that there will be...

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Will a cease-and-desist order ruin my hair salon?

Q: I got a cease-and-desist letter for doing hair without a license. (It's from the State Board of Cosmetology in South Carolina.) What should I do now?

A: This is not a mere letter; it's an order. The board has reason to believe you are practicing without a license. If...

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If lesbians adopt in one state, is it legal in others?

Q: I live in Arizona where there are no benefits for lesbian couples. My partner and I are planning on having a baby. If we adopt a baby in Washington state, would the adoption be valid in Arizona?

A: The problem with an adoption is that you or your partner must live in...

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Buying a foreclosure: You may be liable for old fees

Q: I just bought a foreclosed property in Florida. The HOA has the home rented, and it says I owe $13K in fees from the previous owner. What can I do? I assume the rent being collected goes toward the fees.

A: Florida law unfortunately allows a homeowners' association (...

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What U.S. residency rights apply to an L2 visa holder?

Q: If an L1 visa holder goes back to his home country (because visa expired in January 2013), can his dependent L2 holder stay in the USA, if she has EAD validity (until November 2014) and I-94 until September 2015?

A: If the principal L1 is no longer in the United States...

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Taxes: How to tell if an adult qualifies as a 'dependent'

Q: I am trying to determine if I can claim my 20-year-old daughter as a dependent on my tax return. She was a student who lived at home during the whole year of 2012. I am not sure if she paid for more than half of her support for the year. She also made a $700 cash charitable...

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How liable will my heirs be for my mortgage debt?

Q: Can I leave real estate that has an existing mortgage to my heirs? If so, what options do they have?

A: Yes, you can leave real estate with an existing mortgage. Your heirs would not be personally liable for the mortgage; but if it isn't paid, then the bank could...

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Can my sibling's ruined credit affect my own?

January 30, 2013

Q: We are receiving credit collections calls for my estranged sister. Is there some way our credit can be affected by this? What responsibilities (if any) do we have? Apart from living with us for a brief time years ago, I have never co-signed any loans for her.

A: I...