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Steaks, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts on hot grill.

(Photo: Flickr/Kristopher Volkman)

How do infrared grills compare to propane ones?

July 01, 2013

Q: Are infrared grills any good, or should I stick with propane?

A: Infrared burners while the latest new thing (since the patent expired a while back) have a few advantages over a typical burner configuration, but on balance they really don't do anything better than a...

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Best ways to stop condensation on your windows

Q: How can I stop condensation on my windows at night?

A: The condensation is caused by low temperatures on the glass, and high relative humidity in the home. The lower the temperature of the glass and the higher the humidity, the more condensation. If you currently have...

Woman watering plants with a watering can.

Tips for growing an organic garden above the ground

Q: I want to grow an organic garden but want to actually have it above the ground. If I place the raised garden frame securely on posts, what can I use for the bottom of the garden bed? Also, how do I prevent too much water from gathering at the bottom? I want to make three 8' x 5'...

Dirty, white tile floor that has been damaged by mold.

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Can I mix bleach, vinegar, and MEK to kill mold?

Q: Will spraying a mixture of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), vinegar, and bleach be a safe mixture to kill mold that grew from a house flooded with salt water?

A: The short answer is "No!" MEK is a solvent and is EXTREMELY flammable. If you go around soaking the house with it...

Room with bare hardwood floor, tan dog standing on hind legs and looking out the window.

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What protective layer can I use on hardwood floors?

Q: I'm planning to turn my house into a rental. I have original hardwood floors that I'm worried that the renters might ruin. Is there a way to protect these floors? How about a sealer or adding another layer of laminate on top? Do people do that?

A: There is no way to...

Family of four adults in a hot tub

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Ideas for saving energy with a new hot tub

Q: I live in a house that is 100% solar-powered, and I am looking to buy a hot tub. They all say "15 amp." Does this mean they use 15 amps all the time or that they use a 15 amp circuit? If it is all the time that would be roughly 1650-1800 watts. Or is it less because it hooks up to a...

Man fixing part of a hardwood floor.

How to repair a small gash in a hardwood floor

April 01, 2013

Q: I accidentally slipped while carrying my snowboard, and it slammed into the floor. I have a nice hardwood floor (original from 1920s), and the incident left a noticeable gash about two inches across. Any tips on how to repair it?

A: In this case you can achieve a 90 to...

Grass in a backyard lawn that is almost all grown in.

Recently planted lawn that is growing nicely. (Photo: Flickr/Joe Goldberg)

The quick, cheap way to grow a grass-filled lawn

Q: I moved into a house with no grass in the back yard. I think there was some a long time ago, as you can see little blades when it rains a little. What would be the quickest and least expensive way to get grass in there?

A: Depending on where you live and the amount of...

Small rainbow appears in mist from pressure wash nozzle above wooden deck.

Bonus on deck: a pressure-wash rainbow (Photo: Flickr/Patrick Shusta)

Is pressure washing a good way to remove moss?

Q: We have green mossy stuff growing on our aluminum siding and deck. Should I power wash it?

A: You can power wash the deck, but you have to be careful about the siding.

For the siding, the best option would be to use the pressure washer on the lowest setting and...

Man next to white microwave.

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How to replace an exhaust fan in a microwave

Q: How do I replace a fan motor in a GE Spacemaker microwave? The exhaust fan is making a horrible screeching noise and I've ordered a replacement fan motor.

A: You would have to pull the unit off the wall by removing the screws inside the floor of the cabinet above the...