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Prepping your home and garden for the arriving of fall

By Jessica on September 02, 2014

The days are starting to shorten and the evenings might be chillier than just a week ago. In no time, the leaves will be changing and we will be in the middle of fall. While preparations for fall are significantly easier than those we all do for winter, it seemed prudent to share a few...

Houseplant in diffused sunlight

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Houseplants: everything in moderation

By Jessica on January 09, 2014

Q: I just bought a few houseplants for my new apartment. I’m not much of a green thumb, and I made a New Year’s resolution to keep them alive this year! Any general rules for keeping houseplants healthy? One of them is a majesty palm.

A: With houseplants, like human...

Broken Ornament

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Repairing a broken Christmas ornament

By Jessica on December 20, 2013

Q: I have 30-year-old Christmas ornament that broke this year. I have the pieces and will be gluing it back together. I want to put it in a block of acrylic or plastic like people do with baseballs. Are there home kits I can use for this? I really want to preserve this sentimental...

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Will winterizing lower my heating bills?

Q: What percentage can I expect my heating bill to drop if I put plastic sealer on my windows, foam self stick seals on my doors, and use spray foam insulator to plug up cracks in my walls.

A: You can generally save 5 to 10% on heating costs by taking those simple and...

Squirrel walking on top of a wooden fence.

Squirrels enjoy wooden fences, too. (Photo: Flickr/stab at sleep)

Which wood should I use for a backyard fence?

Q: Which wood would you choose for doing a backyard fence, and why? I'm considering $500 for Douglas fir, $560 for some kind of treated wood, not stained, and $660 for redwood, not stained. Also, how long should it last?

A: It saddens me to tell you this (being a wood...

Large oak tree in a field. Many branches, but no leaves.

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Should I plug an aging oak tree hole with concrete?

Q: I have a large oak tree that has a decayed hole at the bottom, which is home to a copperhead snake. Is it safe to fill the hole in with concrete? I have heard pros and cons about this. How should I treat that decayed hole? (I also have jasmine planted at bottom of tree. Should I pull...

3 steps for planning a large home repair project

When it comes to home repair, there's nothing more important than the planning process. Large repairs can not only be expensive, they can be risky depending upon the age of your home and what it is that you plan to do.

Pull it off properly, however, and the right repair can make your...

Sleek side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator next to white counter with wine bottle and glasses.

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How to stop a refrigerator beep after a power outage

Q: I have a Frigidaire side-by-side model#GLHS38EJB0. My problem started after a power outage. Once power was restored the refrigerator has a constant beep. There is power to the fridge lights, no temperature display. I don't hear the compressor or the condenser fan.


Single red rose in the midst of several leaves.

(Photo: Flickr/John Liu)

Tips to know before planting roses in a container

Q: Can roses be planted in a container? If so, is there a specific variety that does best?

A: Yes, roses can be grown in containers, but how you go about it will depend on your climate. In Southern areas, clay pots to prevent overheating work best. In the North, heavy...

Steaks, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts on hot grill.

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How do infrared grills compare to propane ones?

July 01, 2013

Q: Are infrared grills any good, or should I stick with propane?

A: Infrared burners while the latest new thing (since the patent expired a while back) have a few advantages over a typical burner configuration, but on balance they really don't do anything better than a...