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How much sugar is ok for my child?

By Jessica on January 28, 2014


As we all know by now, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and health problems because, as explained by Lindie, a healthcare expert on JustAnswer,  sugar enters into the bloodstream quickly and once the body has used all the...

Vaccines, exemptions and school

By Jessica on January 24, 2014

No matter how you feel about vaccinations and children, all parents and caregivers can agree that the decision about whether or not to vaccinate your child should be an informed one.  And as with any issue, there will be those who fall to either extreme, either following the...


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Peanut allergies: what you need to know

By Jessica Klimczak on January 24, 2014

In the last few decades the peanut, a once-popular airplane snack, has become somewhat better known as a potentially fatal food. To some, the stories of small children dying from a bite of a peanut butter cookie sound paranoid or extreme, but to those with a severe peanut allergy or who parent a...

Juice Cleanse

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Is a Juice Cleanse Good For You?

After an indulgent holiday season we are all looking for a way to shed the additional cookie, sweets and drink poundage. Nowadays it seems like people are jumping on the cleanse bandwagon whether it be for a day or a month. According to the companies that sell these regimens, they can help you...

Sleep & Stress

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A Good Night’s Sleep for Stress-Free Days

By Jessica on December 23, 2013

Good sleep hygiene is key. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep but typically gets much less. Lack of sleep can increase stress which can cause sleepless nights which ultimately leads to more stress. Take these tips from our Expert Dr. Zhu, into consideration when trying to wake up rested...

Exercise and Fitness

By Jessica on December 23, 2013

In addition to being able to fit into your skinny jeans, incorporating regular exercise into your routine can help improve your mood, your quality of sleep, and even your complexion. The American Heart Association recommends on of the following exercise levels:

  • 30 minutes of moderate...
Healthy Eating

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A Few Easy Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle – You are what You Eat

By Jessica on December 23, 2013

Changing your diet can be one of the toughest changes to make. As we leave the holiday parties, candies, drinks and food behind it is a great time to reexamine your daily food intake and the potential areas for improvement. If you’re trying to lose weight, avoid fad diets. Studies have shown...

Making Resolutions

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Making Resolutions

A new year brings new opportunities for us to makes changes in our lives. At the beginning of every year we want to put our best foot forward and some estimate that over 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Despite our best efforts, research from the University of Scranton suggests that...

Healthy Eating

Tips for Healthy Cooking

By Jessica on December 20, 2013

Grabbing a quick bite to eat on the way home from work might be easier than making a home cooked meal but we all know it probably isn’t healthier. Pew Research Center found that roughly 40% of Americans eat out two or more times...

Does Skipping Meals Help You Lose Weight?

By Jessica on December 20, 2013

Q: Is it true that’s it better to skip meals to burn fat and eat one large meal a day? I thought the body needs meals throughout the day, but I’ve been hearing this one meal a day idea from people and want to know if it’s true.

A: It’s recommended that you eat 3 main...