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Woman at the park wondering what causes heartburn

Heartburn isn't the type of problem you can leave at home when convenient.

What causes heartburn? Can I remedy it at home?

By Dhanesh Misir on January 18, 2018

Understanding what causes heartburn is an important first step for anyone seeking to ease their symptoms

If you’re a sufferer who isn’t sure what causes heartburn, you’re definitely not alone. You’re also in no danger of being the only person suffering from heartburn symptoms,...

A glass of red wine, benefits included.

As is the case with most things, moderation is key.

Red wine benefits and drawbacks

When it comes to red wine, benefits and risks will always be up for debate.

If you’re scouring the web for red...

This child is about to swallow a penny.

This child is about to swallow a penny.

My child swallowed a penny

What to do if your child swallowed a penny, or any other coin

The most important thing: if you have time to check the computer...

Monos blood test - monocyte cell under a microscope

This monocyte cell will tell the immune system that a response is needed to invading cells.

What is a monos blood test?

By Mary Van Doren on November 22, 2017

Surprisingly, a monos blood test has nothing to do with mononucleosis

If your doctor says he wants you to have a monos blood test, he’s not having you tested for mononucleosis. 

In fact, a monos test is part of a CBC (complete blood count...

Is coffee good for you with sugar?

Is coffee good for you with sugar?

Is coffee good for you?

From a health perspective, is coffee good? For you, and for others, the answers may vary

For a long time, coffee was thought to increase the risk of cancer, heart problems, stomach ulcers and other medical conditions. This belief was based on studies that had an essential flaw....

Hit the refresh button this spring

Hit the refresh button this spring

Now that winter is over, and the days are getting longer and warmer, it’s a great time to begin simple lifestyle changes that will leave you healthier, less stressed, and happier.

For example, housework can be great exercise. Vigorous chores such as vacuuming can burn...

The robot doctor will see you now

The robot doctor will see you now

By Robyn on March 09, 2017

JustAnswer has created an A.I answering service, effective from today. All your questions will be now answered by Pearl, a robot Expert artificially programmed with answers to an incredible range of topics, including Law, Medicine, Veterinary, Mechanics, Tax, and more.

The Pearl robot...