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Young man looking down, fingers in his hair.

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How do I find out if I have ADHD or ADD?

October 17, 2012

Q: I would like to be screened for possible ADHD or ADD. How do I go about doing that?

A: You can be evaluated by simply locating a psychiatrist or psychologist in your area open to assessing you for a diagnosis of an attention-deficit disorder. You can find one or both...

Military nurse giving a female National Guard employee a flu shot.

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Facts about flu shots and meningitis

October 15, 2012

Q: Are flu shots safe to take because of the meningitis scare? Also, if you've been sick with a stomach problem or cold, should you wait?

A: Well, flu shots are usually safe. As such there is no risk for getting meningitis. Please do not panic.

Serious side effects...

Woman riding a bike on country road.

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I injured my knee on a bike ride. Did I tear my ACL?

Q: I had ACL surgery three months ago. While bike riding yesterday, I heard my knee pop and shift slightly. There was really no pain, and I kept biking. Since then the knee has swollen slightly with mild pain. I haven't lost any range of motion. Is it likely that I re-tore my ACL, or is...

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What are the best anti-aging products to use?

Q: What are the best anti-aging products to use? Every brand says they are the best. I want a good anti-aging skincare system that I can use long-term (I'm 35) to help reduce lines and tone skin. I've heard that products with retinols are good.

A: At your age, creams and...

Middle-aged man in a wetsuit biking while towing a surfboard.

Serious about his exercise. (Photo: Flickr/Richard Masoner)

How can I reduce high blood pressure without drugs?

Q: Are there any foods I can eat to reduce high blood pressure if I don't want to take any medicine?

A: Diet modification, regular exercise, and weight reduction are always beneficial in managing high blood pressure. However, it is not possible to predict whether these...

self-portrait shot of man's face with receding hairline.

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Is Finpecia medically sound for treating baldness?

September 25, 2012

Q: I am in the process of ordering Finpecia to treat male pattern hair loss. Is this product medically proven?

A: Finpecia is approved by the FDA and is a pill with active ingredient Finasteride, which in oral form can prevent hair loss. It is a form of Propecia and is...

Closeup of a brownish mosquito.

Common carrier of West Nile virus. (Photo: Flickr/Mick Talbot)

What can I do to treat West Nile virus infection?

Q: My adult daughter has just been diagnosed with West Nile from a mosquito bite. She has been ill for about 2 weeks. What would you suggest to help her with this illness?

A: Most people who are infected with West Nile virus have mild symptoms and have spontaneous...

Little boy asleep on his back.

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Will melatonin help a 2-year-old sleep better?

September 14, 2012

Q: My 2-year-old son is having trouble with insomnia. Are there any benefits of using melatonin for regulating sleep? Any side effects?
A: Melatonin can be used in children to help treat autism, but I don't recommend it for insomnia in children that young.  The...

3 pairs of knees, belonging to passengers on a subway train.

Giving the knees a rest. (Photo: Flickr/drvglvd1)

What is the cause of (and cure for) a Baker's cyst?

September 11, 2012

Q: My wife has Baker's cysts at the back of both knees. What is the cause and cure?

A: A Baker's cyst is a fluid-filled cyst that causes a bulge and a feeling of tightness behind the knee. It is usually the result of a problem with your knee joint, such as arthritis or a...

Store shelf with several different brands of aspirin

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Can a daily aspirin help treat varicose veins?

Q: Since a daily aspirin might prevent heart attacks and stroke, could it also help with varicose veins and spider veins in legs? Would it make the veins smaller and less visible since blood could flow through them better?

A: Well, taking aspirin daily may relieve the...