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Smiling young woman talking on the telephone.

It helps to smile when you talk. (Photo: Flickr/Justin Baeder)

Best ways to prepare for a phone job interview

Q: What is the best way to prepare for a phone interview?

A: Before starting your phone interview you will want to prepare enough time in a quiet, private location. You should print off your resume and keep it beside you as a reference for any question you are asked....

Closeup of eyes with yellowish eyeballs (contact lenses)

Scary looking, but scarier for your eyes. (Photo: Flickr/Arun Kamaraj)

Are Halloween contact lenses OK for one-time use?

Q: Are cosmetic contact lenses safe to wear for people who wear glasses? I was looking to wear them as a one-time use for Halloween. My concern is that I wear prescription glasses and I have never worn contacts of any type. I have gone several hours without my glasses, but I am a little...

Girl's cupped hands holding a bunch of jelly beans.

How to get kids to eat less Halloween candy

By Tom Musbach on October 02, 2012

For most children, collecting candy by the bagful is one of the biggest treats about Halloween. For parents, the biggest trick is getting kids to eat as little of that candy as possible.

“Candy has never been good for kids," said Dr. Jody Navitsky, a physician on JustAnswer. "But now in...

Woman in nursing home smiling and sitting with another at a table.

(Photo: Flickr/robinsan)

Tips to land a job working with senior citizens

Q: I like working with senior citizens in a relaxed atmosphere like a nursing home. Are there any classes I should take to give me the upper hand in getting a job?

A: There are many different avenues to help you be better suited for a career working with the elderly. I...

Cherry tomato plant with tomatoes, drying leaves.

(Photo: Flickr/Emilian Robert Vicol)

How to save a tomato plant with browning leaves

September 07, 2012

Q: I think I have over-fed my tomato plant with too much nitrogen. The leaves are browning and falling off. What can I do to reverse this?

A: I never use chemical fertilizer for that reason, you never get that kind of problems with organic matter. A good trick to get just...

Grandfather with his arm around grandmother.

(Photo: Flickr/J.Nathan Matias)

Tips for locating ancestors in Germany

September 06, 2012

Q: I continue to hit stone walls in trying to locate my maternal grandfather's home in Germany, and I don't speak German. He emigrated from Bremerhaven, Germany, and arrived in New Orleans via the "United States" on Nov. 12, 1844. The ship's manifest lists his occupation as "blacksmith...

Wrapped wedding gifts of various sizes.

Gifts that come with a condition? (Photo: Flickr/Stephen Butler)

Marriage lasts weeks; should wedding gifts go back?

By Tom Musbach on September 04, 2012

Though your list of friends may not include Kim Kardashian or Dennis Rodman, you may know somebody whose marriage lasted for only a month or two. Would you expect your wedding gifts back?

This etiquette question is perfect for September, which happens to be National Courtesy Month. But...

Black-and-white closeup of Yankees 1052 World Series watch.

What is a 1952 Yankees World Series watch worth?

Q: I have a 1952 Yankees World Series pocket watch; the maker is Elgin. It's in perfect condition and still works. There is a monogram with my father's initials. What do you think the watch is worth?

A: Here is what I found out about your watch: The watch was a gift from...

2 skinks sunning on a rocky surface. (Photo: Flickr/pfly)

Pet or pest? (Photo: Flickr/pfly)

How to get rid of skinks near your home

August 23, 2012

Q: How do I kill or get rid of skinks?

A: Both cats and king snakes eat skinks. The snakes won't go where humans are and will live harmlessly under the house or in your garden, eating the skinks. Then they will leave if you don't feed them.

You can also trap skinks...

Florist carrying bouquet in center aisle of an ornate church. (Photo: Flickr/Jes

Don't forget the florist! (Photo: Flickr/Jesus Gorriti)

Tipping guidelines for planning your wedding

So many details go into wedding planning that it's easy to overlook tipping the various vendors and helpers who make the day special. But it's best to consider the matter of tipping sooner rather than later.

My experience in planning wedding details has taught me a few good guidelines...