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Newborn. baby boy asleep on his side.

(Photo: Flickr/storyvillegirl)

Tips for getting your home ready for a newborn

Q: My wife is about 6 months pregnant, and I think we need to start preparing our house for our first baby. I'm wondering if you could recommend must-do's vs. nice-to-haves vs. not-necessary-at-all-but-people-usually-pay-too-much-for types of things that I can do to prepare for the...

Young woman on a couch surrounded by textbooks and notebooks that she is studying.

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Top study tips for success on taking the GRE

September 20, 2013

Q: I'm about to start studying for my GRE (I'm 25 with a few years of experience in online marketing). I have a stats background, so I'm not too worried about the math. What are some suggestions you wish you had before taking such tests?

A: As a public librarian, I often...

Pair of white glass vases with flowers painted on them.

Photo submitted by Pearl.com customer.

How old and valuable are my antique glass vases?

September 17, 2013

Q: I received a pair of these beautiful antique, almost transparent-like, green hand-painted vases when I was a child. They do not have a mark on the bottom. They are 12 inches tall. I am wondering about their age and their value.

A: You clearly have early 20th century (...

Big rig trapped in deep snow on a frigid, sunny day.

How can I see current episodes of 'Ice Road Truckers'?

Q: Where can I watch current episodes of "Ice Road Truckers"? I am speaking of the latest several shows, and I do not want to pay for this since I must watch all their commercials. I have DISH Network. Where do I go from here?

A: The History channel allows you to watch...

Members of gay youth center pose with a gray-haired elected official (male).

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Suggestions for parents when a child comes out as gay

Q: My son has just told me that he is gay. I know the general attitude is that it is the way a person is born. However, he has a memory of something that happened to him as a child which might have turned him away from women. I think counseling might be a good idea, but I wonder if he...

Closeup of a blue credit card with raised silver numbers.

6 rules for avoiding credit card disaster

The information below will help keep you from becoming a credit-card victim.

Credit cards should be a convenience for payment, not a source of credit. This requires that the entire balance due on the card be paid each month. If the entire balance is not paid on any month, the card should...

Closeup on woman's hand in a handshake with a man's hand.

6 steps to help you prepare for a job interview

Q: I have an important job interview coming up in a few days. I don't have much confidence about my qualifications for this job. I was told to do some research on the company. Do you have any suggestions on how to prep for this interview?

A: Here are some steps you can...

White, multistory condo building with mountain and ocean views.

Hillside condos in Hawaii. (Photo: Flickr/z2amiller)

Buying condo: New loan vs. borrow on other property?

Q: I currently own a house and a duplex I rent in Colorado. No mortgages. I want to buy a condo in Hawaii that will be considered our primary residence. Is it best to take a loan on the duplex for funds to buy condo, or should I just get a loan on the condo?

A: Currently...

Businessman wearing yellow tie in front of a stock activity chart

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How to report ESPP stock sales on your tax return

Q: I sold ESPP stock all on one date, but I acquired all the shares over the last 6 years through a weekly payroll deduction. There is a different FMV, grant date, etc. for every single week. Do I have to report every single one of those on my return? That would be hundreds of lines....

Older woman with longish gray hair sitting at a laptop.

What's the best age to claim Social Security benefits?

Over the coming years, millions of baby boomers will reach age 62, the minimum threshold for receiving Social Security retirement benefits. If recent history is any indication, most of these people (over 70% by some estimates) will take their benefits as early as possible.

But whether you...