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Illustration of a green chalkboard with "tax deductions" written in white.

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Taxes: When to deduct a business bad debt

It happens to butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. It probably happens in your business, too: A customer doesn't pay what they owe and you end up with a bad debt. Can you take a tax deduction?

The answer depends on how you account for income on your tax return. If you included the...

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Women: How to look your best in holiday photos

It is the time of year when cameras become ever-present, and your anxiety increases at the dread of seeing more pictures of yourself. No worries, because as a woman (and doctor) who has been obese, I understand the pain of seeing less than ideal photos. I have studied the science of what makes...

Blue sedan partially buried in a snow drift.

Is your car prepared? (Photo: Flickr/Jason McDowell)

Checklist for winterizing your car

By Tom Musbach on September 25, 2012

As you plan to winterize your car, the first thing you should do is consult the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual for your vehicle. You can also consider this general set of guidelines and ideas (with a variation or two for cars like a Prius or a Chevy truck):


Colored beads on black background spell 'I'm lonely'

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Dealing with grief after a breakup

After a long-term relationship ends, it’s very common to suffer a long period of grief, as if a loved one had died.

So that I can give you some hope about grief, let me briefly list the seven stages so you know what you can expect, and so that you better understand what you must go...

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Tips for locating ancestors in Germany

September 06, 2012

Q: I continue to hit stone walls in trying to locate my maternal grandfather's home in Germany, and I don't speak German. He emigrated from Bremerhaven, Germany, and arrived in New Orleans via the "United States" on Nov. 12, 1844. The ship's manifest lists his occupation as "blacksmith...

Florist carrying bouquet in center aisle of an ornate church. (Photo: Flickr/Jes

Don't forget the florist! (Photo: Flickr/Jesus Gorriti)

Tipping guidelines for planning your wedding

So many details go into wedding planning that it's easy to overlook tipping the various vendors and helpers who make the day special. But it's best to consider the matter of tipping sooner rather than later.

My experience in planning wedding details has taught me a few good guidelines...

The word 'stress' inside a red circle with line through it.

Expert tips for managing stress in your life

Stress is a constant in today's fast-paced world. Turning off the news might offer some relief, but it probably won't make a difference in the long run. Dr. Carol Kryder, a clinical psychologist who runs her own practice and is a Expert on JustAnswer, shares insights about...

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Great mattress choice if you have back pain

June 28, 2012

This is a guest post from Eric M. Bright, remodeling Expert on JustAnswer.

I often get asked for mattress recommendations, and here’s my answer: If you suffer from back pain, the absolute best solution for your situation also happens to be the best bed and mattress system made....

The Statue of Liberty

How to get a 'green card' in the United States

June 25, 2012

This is a guest post from Judith Ludwic, immigration lawyer on JustAnswer.

There are five main ways to immigrate to the United States to live permanently (often known as "getting a green card"). They are family, employment, asylum, investment, or lottery.


Nothing but tension here. (Photo: Flickr/epSos.de)

How to avoid conflict in your relationship

This is a guest post from Rossi Davis, Psy.D, LPC, a therapist and counselor on JustAnswer.

Do you have difficulty in expressing yourself to your partner? Would you like to minimize your conflicts at home? The information in this article can help.

Arguments, fighting, and...