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Dr. Loretta

Dr. Loretta: One Veterinarian's Impact On A Small Island Of Honduras

By anh on July 20, 2016

Like many Central American countries, Honduras has a glaring overpopulation of stray dogs and cats that poses both health and safety concerns. On Utila, a small northern island of Honduras, the overpopulation drove locals to take the drastic action of adding poison to garbage cans.

Meet ...

Suicide Prevention

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jared Keener

Suicide awareness: Helping someone with depression

By CoachJenK on August 19, 2014

Depression and other mental health disorders affect millions and millions of people around the world, yet sadly and unfathomably it still remains a shameful illness that most people feel the need to hide.  There are individuals out there that understand depression and other related...

Sweet Hearts

Photo Credit: Flickr/Lori Greig

Dealing with Valentine's Day

By CoachJenK on February 10, 2014

Valentine’s Day brings up feelings of desire, love, flowers, chocolates and romance.  Unfortunately, this one day can also be the cause of stress and sadness.  There are several reasons why this day can be fraught with such stress and tension, and the biggest reason is that men and women may...

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It’s Holiday Party Time: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Or is it?

By CoachJenK on December 10, 2013

Holiday time is upon us and it comes with many wonderful events, parties and family get togethers.  We look forward to this time each year, but are often caught in situations that present itself with difficulties.  If the holiday season is supposed to be a time of cheer and joy, then why can it...

Small amount of toothpaste on blue bristles of a toothbrush.

(Photo: Flickr/Kenneth Lu)

What is the best toothpaste to keep teeth healthy?

Toothpastes are really a matter of personal preference.

Almost all of the toothpastes today contain fluoride for cavity prevention and many have some type of peroxide compound included for whitening. The important thing really is getting the toothbrush in your mouth and not so much the...

Closeup of a blue credit card with raised silver numbers.

6 rules for avoiding credit card disaster

The information below will help keep you from becoming a credit-card victim.

Credit cards should be a convenience for payment, not a source of credit. This requires that the entire balance due on the card be paid each month. If the entire balance is not paid on any month, the card should...

Woman holding up large coffee cup, ready to take a sip.

(Photo: Flickr/John Millar)

Why you should drink coffee (and how to brew it best)

In an effort to lose weight (or eliminate sugar, dairy or artificial sweeteners) many people are giving up coffee.  However, with a few easy tips, this hot beverage could be key to a successful weight-loss journey.

Finding the perfect cup of coffee, without added sweeteners and milk, can...

Older woman with longish gray hair sitting at a laptop.

What's the best age to claim Social Security benefits?

Over the coming years, millions of baby boomers will reach age 62, the minimum threshold for receiving Social Security retirement benefits. If recent history is any indication, most of these people (over 70% by some estimates) will take their benefits as early as possible.

But whether you...

Woman reading a book while sitting against a tree in a field.

(Photo: Flickr/Jessica Cross)

4 activities to nourish and refresh your brain

In this age of information, we have become so inundated with material it can be difficult to find quality in the quantity. Our minds are even more sensitive to how they are fed than our bodies. When our mind and soul are under stress and a barrage of negativity, the physical body in turn holds...

Bride and groom at the altar; she has white veil over her face.

(Photo: Flickr/Katsu Nojiri)

Why every bride should hire a wedding planner

As a Expert wedding planner, I'm very used to couples asking why they should bother hiring somebody like me to help with their marital ceremonies and celebrations.

Here are some of the reasons I offer in response:

You save time and leg work