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Young male athlete with red skull cap the white monitors being checked by scientists.

Young man participating in a concussion study. (Photo: Flickr/UFV)

Can internal bleeding start weeks after a head injury?

Q: Three weeks ago I had a serious fall with head injury; a CT scan done 3 hours after the injury was negative. I still have dizziness and headache. Does the negative CT scan mean no bleeding, or can bleeding occur and evolve over time and be causing my continued symptoms?

Pair of white glass vases with flowers painted on them.

Photo submitted by Pearl.com customer.

How old and valuable are my antique glass vases?

September 17, 2013

Q: I received a pair of these beautiful antique, almost transparent-like, green hand-painted vases when I was a child. They do not have a mark on the bottom. They are 12 inches tall. I am wondering about their age and their value.

A: You clearly have early 20th century (...

Closeup on a beige-colored cat's face with big, staring eyes.

(Photo: Flickr/John Morton)

My cat just stares; is he having a seizure?

Q: My 11-year-old cat (indoor/outdoor) just suddenly started looking off into nowhere, like a stare, with his eyes dilated and meowing like he is scared. The episodes are short, and he won't respond to his name (or any noise) during the episode. He's always been fairly healthy and is up...

Despondent man with face in his hands, sitting near a dock with stormy sea behind him.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

How do I cope after being dumped?

Q: I have been in a committed relationship for 3 years. I am 60; he is 69. He dumped me a month ago for a woman he was engaged to 45 years ago and married her immediately. I was blind-sided and broken-hearted. How do I cope?

A: That's as cruel as it gets. That man's heart...

Boy's hands playing an Xbox console.

(Photo: Flickr/Shaun Greiner)

Is it OK to cover the power unit of an Xbox 360?

Q: Is it dangerous to cover the power supply unit of an Xbox 360 even when it is in standby mode? Is the standby power draw enough for the PSU to get hot?

A: It is absolutely a bad idea to cover any of the vents on the 360, whether in standby mode or on. It's also a bad...

Closeup of an eye through a rainbow-like filter.

See a possible sty forming? (Photo: Flickr/SuperFantastic)

Simple steps for treating a sty in your eye

September 11, 2013

Q: My eye has a sty and it's badly swollen. How should it be treated?

A: I'm sorry you have this problem. Usually it can be treated with a warm compress.

However, if it is really swollen and painful and is obstructing your vision, then it will need to be drained...

Big rig trapped in deep snow on a frigid, sunny day.

How can I see current episodes of 'Ice Road Truckers'?

Q: Where can I watch current episodes of "Ice Road Truckers"? I am speaking of the latest several shows, and I do not want to pay for this since I must watch all their commercials. I have DISH Network. Where do I go from here?

A: The History channel allows you to watch...

Closeup of a white-and-gray face of a Shih Tzu puppy.

(Photo: Flickr/cheriejoyful)

How to help a dog that's ingested anti-flea chemicals

September 09, 2013

Q: My puppy (Romeo) is a 9-month-old Shih Tzu. Two days ago I applied Advantage 2 for fleas. Now he is lethargic, not eating or drinking. I believe he may have ingested some of the chemical off my other dog. I cannot afford a vet at this time; what can I do?

A: There is...

Squirrel walking on top of a wooden fence.

Squirrels enjoy wooden fences, too. (Photo: Flickr/stab at sleep)

Which wood should I use for a backyard fence?

Q: Which wood would you choose for doing a backyard fence, and why? I'm considering $500 for Douglas fir, $560 for some kind of treated wood, not stained, and $660 for redwood, not stained. Also, how long should it last?

A: It saddens me to tell you this (being a wood...

A model exhales vapor while holding a dark electronic cigarette.

Model demonstrates the e-cigarette. (Photo: Flickr/planetc1)

What are the health risks of electronic cigarettes?

Q: I quit smoking a year ago, and I'm using the electronic cigarette now. Are there any specific risks to my health because of the electronic cigarette?

A: There is no question in my mind that the e-cigarette, while not a paragon of healthy living by any means, is far...