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What do I do if my boss is committing fraud?

November 25, 2013

Q: I'm experiencing retaliation at work for reporting my boss for authorizing unethical transactions that are noncompliant with policy. I work for a state and local government agency and I have reported her to HR, the...


Ways to give thanks for grandparents on Thanksgiving

November 22, 2013

Q: This Thanksgiving, my family would like honor our grandparents, who are both over the age of 85. We want to show our gratitude for all they’ve done for us over the years. However, I don’t know where to begin; any ideas...

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How can I get my son to stop playing video games?

Q: My 10-year-old son plays video games or is on the computer so much so that he has no other interests. It’s also his only social outlet. I know about the 2-hour screen time limit per day and the importance of extracurricular sports and activities, but he’s not interested in anything...


How do I help my son deal with bullies on his team?

November 19, 2013

Q: We have a very thoughtful and compassionate 12 year old boy who loves to play in sports teams. The dilemma is that he’s not very confident athletically, and because of this, his teammates tend to make fun of him. I guess it's the proverbial "bully"...

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How can I combat sleepiness after a big meal?

November 15, 2013

Q: I would like to know why immediately after eating---mostly dinner--I feel a very strong desire to sleep, often ‘nodding out.' I’m ok after lying down for 20-30 mins. What else can I do to prevent or minimize the sleepiness?


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How will the new health care law affect veterans?

November 11, 2013

Q: Am I completely covered by the VA as a Veteran—even if I’m a Disabled Veteran—under the new health care law, aka Obamacare, or will I have to get additional insurance from the private sector?

A: If you’re eligible for VA (...

How do I get my boss to meet with me?

Q: I’ve sent my manager two emails now trying to arrange a meeting to review my new title, responsibilities, performance and compensation. I brought it up a few months ago and she agreed, but the meeting never happened. I sent another email last week, but still haven’t heard anything...

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When can my child start playing sports again after a concussion?

Q: My 9-year-old son suffered a mild concussion while skiing last Sunday. He had headaches for a few days but felt 100% better by Wednesday. We were told he needs to wait a full week post-symptoms before resuming sports activities, however, can he play in a soccer game this Saturday that...

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How often should I take my ADHD medication?

October 30, 2013

Q: I’ve been diagnosed with Adult ADHD and my doctor prescribed me Ritalin. I’m wondering if I need to take my medication every day or just on my “bad” days?

A: It’s extremely important to take the Ritalin prescribed to you by your doctor every day and not just on the...

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What should I do if my son is being bullied?

October 30, 2013

Q: Our good family friends have an 8-year-old son, Joe, who is the same age as our son, Bob. They go to the same school and have been good friends. However, for some time Joe has been bullying Bob and making life difficult for him—openly putting him down and turning other boys against...