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Employer Drug Tests: Know the Facts

By Carolyn Hauck on September 02, 2015

Are you concerned about drug testing for a current or potential employer? While in the past we might have been assured that drug testing is an employer’s way to make sure that they don’t have an illegal drug abuser on their team (read below to see if this is still the case), with the...

Traffic Ticket

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True or False: Police error on a traffic ticket voids the ticket

By Carolyn Hauck on August 27, 2015

Getting a traffic ticket, especially an expensive one, can be extremely frustrating. Certainly if you know you were speeding, or violating a traffic law, it’s hard to get too frustrated; however, sometimes there can be grey area in determining whether or not you violated a law. Either...

Online Protection

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What You Should Know: Protecting Your Personal Information Online

By Carolyn Hauck on August 25, 2015

Know the Risks: Protect Yourself Online

We invest money in security systems for our houses and cars, but how many of us are taking what is now considered necessary precautions to ensure our personal information and our identity is secure online? Online...

True or False: Low tire pressure impacts fuel efficiency

By Carolyn Hauck on August 18, 2015

Assuming you’re like most people, you have a laundry list of tasks and errands to do each week. Also, like most people, checking the pressure on your car’s tires probably isn’t on that list. But should it be?

It sounds a little crazy, but does low tire pressure affect...

Symptom's Checkers

True or False: Symptom checkers are accurate

By Carolyn Hauck on August 11, 2015

You’ve most likely used an online symptom checker, or someone in your family has, when worried about a health issue—either small like a common cold, or big, like a cancer scare. While online symptom checkers can evoke relief, they can also do the converse, and worry us into thinking we...

Tax Tips for 2014

By Jessica on February 14, 2014

Are you aware of the new tax laws for 2014? Don’t worry, we can help. We asked Barbara B., a seasoned Tax Expert on JustAnswer, to update our customers on the changes for 2014 and offer valuable insider tax tips. At the top of her list? Changes in FICA taxes, exemptions and deductions, the...

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Get your DVR working properly for the Olympics

By Jessica on February 06, 2014

Like many people, if you have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), you will probably be recording some of the Olympic events.  But DVRs can come with their own set of hassles, and sometimes problems come up when you’re trying to save to a DVR.

If you’re currently dealing with DVR problems,...


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Children and ADHD

By Jessica on January 28, 2014

Children are naturally very active small people, and each child exhibits a different level of energy unique to him or her. However, when an energetic child has the potential to injury himself or others on a continual basis because of overly active behavior, it might be time to talk with a...

How much sugar is ok for my child?

By Jessica on January 28, 2014


As we all know by now, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and health problems because, as explained by Lindie, a healthcare expert on JustAnswer,  sugar enters into the bloodstream quickly and once the body has used all the...

Vaccines, exemptions and school

By Jessica on January 24, 2014

No matter how you feel about vaccinations and children, all parents and caregivers can agree that the decision about whether or not to vaccinate your child should be an informed one.  And as with any issue, there will be those who fall to either extreme, either following the...