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Gray 2007 Chevy Avalanche truck.

(Photo: Flickr/David Guo)

Must I remove a manifold to repair oil pressure sensor?

Q: I am getting my oil pressure sensor changed for my 2007 Chevy Avalanche. The mechanic also says they need to remove the intake manifold. Is this the case?

A: This is true information. The older body-style trucks did not have to have the manifold removed, but on the...

Gray Suzuki Forenza (front angle view) in a parking lot.

Suzuki Forenza (Photo: Flickr/BrainThought)

Can I replace my car's struts with shock absorbers?

Q: Can I replace the struts on my vehicle with shock absorbers?  I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza that needs new struts, but they are too expensive. Could I just buy shock absorbers instead and install them?

A: Struts and shock absorbers are not interchangeable. A strut is...

White Ford truck with a jet ski loaded in the back.

(Photo: Flickr/Scott Stilson)

My truck is losing engine coolant. What should I do?

January 21, 2013

Q: The engine on my Ford truck (F-350 Super Duty, 2006) loses engine coolant, and I observe excessive white smoke after starting and during driving for several minutes. Could I have a wet cylinder? I was told to try Stop Leak.

A: Probably the best piece of advice I can...

White Saturn SUV in a driveway.

(Photo: Flickr/Greg Gjerdingen)

How much to fix a faulty synchronizer?

Q: I am considering buying a used car, 2003 Saturn L200 manual shift. It makes noise when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear, but otherwise works fine when in gear. Is it the synchro or something else? What is the approximate cost to repair?

A: If the noise is only present...

Young man behind the wheel of burgundy Chevy Tahoe, his head out the window.

(Photo: Flickr/Matt Lemmon)

How far can a Chevy Tahoe go with 'check engine' lit?

Q: I am out of town driving my 2007 Chevy Tahoe. The "check engine" light comes on, and it loses full power. I also get a "reduced engine power" message. I shifted into two-wheel drive mode. Will I hurt it if I drive home, about 100 miles on the highway?

A: The problem is...

Red car partially covered in snow.

Can I disable the traction control system on my car?

Q: I own a 2010 Chevy Impala. On a slippery road, the engine is losing power, and the car stops after the warning light for ice and sliding appears on the dash. What can I do to avoid this kind of "protection"? I drive the car; it doesn't drive me.

A: This means the...

Light gray Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius V hybrid (Photo: Flickr/Robert Scoble)

Toyota and GM to recall cars over safety flaws

By Tom Musbach on November 14, 2012

Automakers Toyota and General Motors have announced recalls of several car models, according to news reports on Wednesday.

Toyota recall includes Prius

Toyota Motor Corp. said it will recall nearly 2.8 million cars worldwide, including some of the popular Prius...

Front-side view of black Lincoln MKS with forest in background.

Lincoln MKS (Photo: Flickr/Anthony Shropshire)

What is the safest sedan sold today?

Q: What is the safest car on the market? I'm a senior looking for a sedan or luxury sedan (2012 or 2013 model) that is safest in terms of air bags, crash protection, and fewer blind spots.

A: The highest rated vehicle in that class is the Lincoln MKS, both 2012 and 2013...

Gray Honda Accord parked in a driveway.

(Photo: Flickr/Jon Mick)

The common 'rattle' problem with Honda Accords

Q: My 2008 Honda Accord makes a rattling noise when I start the engine. The noise last for 2 or 3 seconds, and it only does it in the morning or after the car has been sitting a while.

A: This is a common problem acknowledged by Honda, and the noise you hear is a faulty...

New red Jaguar convertible with a woman posing in driver seat.

(Photo: Flickr/Jaguar Cars MENA)

How should I prepare my Jaguar for winter storage?

October 03, 2012

Q: I will be storing my Jaguar for the winter. Roads in my Canadian town have lots of salt on them, and I don't want my car exposed to it. What do you suggest I do before I store it?

A: I would recommend first adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank. Put about 60 psi of air...