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by admin on April 28, 2010

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We regularly read customer testimonials on how JustAnswer has made a difference in their lives, but we often don’t realize how many of the Experts have also been impacted by their success on JustAnswer. Not only do they have the opportunity to help customers and sharpen their own skills, but numerous Experts have also used their earnings from JustAnswer to take vacations or even help pay their mortgages!

To highlight the successes of the individuals who make JustAnswer what it is, we’ll be sharing stories from the Experts who feel that JustAnswer has made a difference in their lives and giving our readers a chance to peek into their experiences. This week, we’d like to introduce a Mechanic on JustAnswer, Eric Brock.

Little did Eric know that back in December 2006, when he stumbled upon JustAnswer by accident, that his experience on the site would be more than just making extra money.

“I was searching for other income options after my wife had a series of strokes, and I needed to be home with her,” says Eric. “Since that time, JustAnswer has been our only source of income.”

A retired car mechanic and auto service store manager, Eric has been using his knowledge to help hundreds of customers save time and money with their car problems on JustAnswer. His status as a “veteran” Expert placed him in the role as a Mentor in the Car category, which allows him to guide fellow Experts on how to help customers on the site.

Being an Expert allowed him to stay at home with his family, and Eric and his wife even took an RV trip around the country for over a year – all paid for by his work on JustAnswer.

“We would spend the day sight-seeing, and three to four hours each night, I would answer questions on JustAnswer,” says Eric. “This income paid for the entire trip. It has also allowed me time to work on my newest book, as well as spend more time on my art.”

While JustAnswer has helped Eric out financially, he also considers the Experts and the JustAnswer staff part of his “extended family.” One of his most rewarding experiences on JustAnswer was getting other Experts to donate part of their earnings to help a peer whose daughter had just passed away.

Eric’s generosity was reciprocated last year when he received news regarding his health that put his work on JustAnswer in jeopardy.

“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last fall,” he says. “The tremors make typing almost impossible. The Experts and staff at JustAnswer heard about it and bought me a new computer that allows me to use voice activation. This enables me to continue at JustAnswer now and help support my family. I cannot say that this would have happened anywhere else.”

When asked what guidance he would give to new Experts on JustAnswer, Eric suggested ways on how to get acquainted with the site and fellow Experts.  “Don’t jump in answering a lot of questions at first; rather, take the time to read the FAQs, the Term of Services, and spend a couple of days in the forum. The forum is the best place to get a feel for learning the rules and getting to know not just your fellow Experts, but the mentors and moderators as well. And above all, learn that it takes teamwork to make yourself successful here.”

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Charles April 28, 2010 at 11:04 pm

This is great to see that some companies and co-workers care that much to work with experts in this situation. My hats off to everyone at Just Anwer!!


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