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Can internal bleeding start weeks after a head injury?

Young male athlete with red skull cap the white monitors being checked by scientists.

Young man participating in a concussion study. (Photo: Flickr/UFV)

Can internal bleeding start weeks after a head injury?

September 18, 2013

Q: Three weeks ago I had a serious fall with head injury; a CT scan done 3 hours after the injury was negative. I still have dizziness and headache. Does the negative CT scan mean no bleeding, or can bleeding occur and evolve over time and be causing my continued symptoms?

A: It is unlikely that a bleed would occur later. However, you can develop post-concussion syndrome, which can give you these symptoms for weeks -- or months, in some cases.

So you need to see a neurologist. Often a brain-stabilizing anti-seizure medicine can be used short-term to get through this.

Although it would be rare to need another brain image, this should be based on a current exam, which you should have now.

-- Answer from Dr. Thomas MD, a physician on JustAnswer.

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