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Calm cats: Ease the transition after a cat adoption

Photo Credit: Flickr/Marite2007

Calm cats: Ease the transition after a cat adoption

May 11, 2012

This is a guest blog post by Joan Vokes, veterinary technician  on JustAnswer.

Adopting a cat is wonderful, but it can disrupt the peace in your home if you've already got one or more cats in your family.

Growling and hissing, hitting, or other signs of aggression between the cats are not uncommon. But there are products we use that can defuse many stressful situations with a multi cat household.

There are pheromone diffusers and sprays that work, and in fact we do use them in the vet's office. They help to make our feline patients feel calmer.

3 products to try

The first product is called Feliway. It is a pheromone that we use to help calm the kitty and make it more comfortable. This is in two forms: one is a plug-in diffuser, and the other is a spray. It makes the cat feel like it is nursing on mom. It is odorless to humans, but will affect all the cats in the house.

The next item I suggest is a product called Rescue Remedy. It is used to aid in behavior issues and can be used in conjunction with the Feliway. The Rescue Remedy can be rubbed in the ear, on the gums, or put in the drinking water. It is all natural and is made from Bach Flowers. These products have been proved to make cats more comfortable and to help modify the negative behavior.

There is another product that was brought to my attention by a vet friend called Composure Liquid. This is also an excellent calming agent and is used in vet offices:

Try a few combinations

The diffuser plugs into the wall like an air freshener and the spray is an actual pheromone spray. The Rescue Remedy and the Feliway are sold at the larger pet stores.

Hopefully this can help with getting the negative behavior modified. Follow the directions on the bottle of the Rescue Remedy or the Composure Liquid -- they should help working in conjunction with the Feliway.