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Best ways to prepare for a phone job interview

Smiling young woman talking on the telephone.

It helps to smile when you talk. (Photo: Flickr/Justin Baeder)

Best ways to prepare for a phone job interview

October 19, 2012

Q: What is the best way to prepare for a phone interview?

A: Before starting your phone interview you will want to prepare enough time in a quiet, private location. You should print off your resume and keep it beside you as a reference for any question you are asked.

I also like to jot down some key accomplishments, facts, figures, and a couple of scenarios to use during the interview.

Remember to take down some notes of your own, including key names, positions, and objectives of the position.

Finally remember to ask some questions about the company and the position. One question I like to leave with is to ask the interviewer if they have any concerns about you fitting the requirements of the position or need any clarification on the information provided. Good luck!

-- Answer from Tori Jacobs, a human resources specialist on JustAnswer.

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