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The best diet for a picky, pregnant poodle

Poodle trotting outdoors on a sunny, windy day.

Acting like a diva? (Photo: Flickr/Krysta)

The best diet for a picky, pregnant poodle

April 17, 2013

Q: My toy poodle, Diva, is about 39 days pregnant. The X-ray shows three puppies. But she is not eating much puppy food (which the vet said I should put her on). What can I do to make sure she is well fed?

A: Most vets don't X-ray until about 45 days. So, just in case, it is possible that the litter size could be more than three puppies. Just wanted to warn you since not all baby skeletons may be visible at 39 days.

Ideally, I would have preferred if Diva had already been on the puppy diet for the past 1 month, but we can't change that.  If you abruptly tried to put her on the puppy diet that may be a problem. I would try mixing it half and half with her old food! She is likely refusing to go on to all new diet, which I never recommend, as it may give her diarrhea.

You could also try stimulating her to eat a bit by adding some low-fat cottage cheese, boiled white rice, or some boiled boneless skinless chicken breast.

-- Answer from Dr. Andy, a veterinarian on JustAnswer.

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