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6 steps to help you prepare for a job interview

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6 steps to help you prepare for a job interview

May 03, 2013

Q: I have an important job interview coming up in a few days. I don't have much confidence about my qualifications for this job. I was told to do some research on the company. Do you have any suggestions on how to prep for this interview?

A: Here are some steps you can take to prepare:

1. As for company research, also do a quick news search to see what has been said in the press. Read financial reports if they are available. See what problems the company is dealing with as you can use this in the interview on your concern and thoughts for ideas to tackle these issues.

2. See if you can get name of person you will interview with. Look up name on LinkedIn as well as Facebook, etc. Find out a little about them before meeting.

3. Review resume and fine tune things that they may be asking for. If you feel you are not hitting everything they might be looking for, bring up some positive work experience you had in a earlier position and how you can use this in your new position. Review requirements that they are asking for and fit them into your resume. Have your work history suited for what you can bring and issues that could come up.

4. Rehearse beforehand with friends and/or family members. Go over the basic question asked such as "strength and weakness," "Why should we hire you?" and "Why do you want to work here?"  Ask questions about some things you feel you do not qualify for and spin it toward your way on how you are willing to learn new things and can pick it up right away.

5. Make sure your references are up to date and Expert. Bring copies of your resume with you. Remember to send a follow up letter right away to thank the interview person.

6. Dress properly, get there early, and think positive!

-- Answer from Mike S., an employment services Expert on JustAnswer.

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